Madhouse: True stories of the Inmates of Hostel4, IIT-B

“If you thought the ‘T’ in IIT stood for technology, think again. It stands for ‘Tickles’, and you are likely to fall down laughing at the ticklish situations into which the students of IITB’s Hostel 4 got themselves. They are equally adept at retelling these incredible escapades in a wonderfully droll style. It’s assuring to know that so many of our current leaders from politics to polyester, from software to hardhat industries, are so human and have a such a sense of humour. This is a book you can keep re-reading.”
– Bachi Karkaria, columnist and author

“Candid, incendiary and provocative, always with the undertone of humour which oscillates between imbecilic to irreverent, indecent to subtle. Set in the days when there were no TVs, Mobiles, Ipods and computers. Engaging, captivating and superbly crafted from sharp memory and intellect honed not only at IIT but years of experience in the real world. Each story will induce nostalgia laced with strong emotional stirrings certainly for IITans and probably for most readers who experienced hostel life.”
– Geet Sethi, former World Billiards Champion

“Anybody who has lived in a hostel has a story to tell; if you have lived together for five, you have a book to write! Some of the stories here are so outrageous I wondered if they were true! And don’t forget the people in this book are hovering around the half century mark in life!! compare these stories with yours!!”
– Harsha Bhogale, TV Commentator and columnist

“This book brought back fond memories of my seven year stay in Hostel 4. I’ve had the good fortune of actually witnessing many of these hilarious anecdotes. I laughed at most of the references to me, and one made me cry. I have always felt that some of the high points in my administration are a direct result of valuable lessons learnt during my stint as Mess Secretary and General Secretary in H4, and of course, the fruitful association with several friends, most of whom are people of eminence today.”
– Manohar Parrikar (H4 inmate), Leader of the Opposition, Goa assembly.

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