10/19/2010 ~ Scheduled for Deletion

This morning I realized that I had only ‘deactivated’ my personal Facebook account, not deleted it. When I was deactivating it, I was asked, a bit threateningly I felt, “are you sure?” and below that were photos of people who would miss me if I wasn’t on Facebook – my son and my sister. I guess my son and my sister will have to find other ways to not miss me – such as have dinner with me or wash my hair for me! Sounds like fun. Anyway, that’s done. I received an email saying “Account Scheduled for Deletion” – it waits on death row. I can, however, grant it a pardon within the next fourteen days. I won’t. It deserves to die.

I do have a professional FB page however. I am a writer, and FB is useful to me as a tool for letting those interested know what’s new in my writing life, and for putting my work out there, and as a way for people to contact me. For these purposes, I am willing and happy to have and use all and any tools available, on and off the internet. So now, I have a website, a professional Facebook page, a blog that I regularly update, and both my books available for download on Kindle to whatever device you might own or want to read on – the Kindle itself, Mac, pc, blackberry, iphone, ipad… really, whatever. After all this, since the day my books went live on Amazon, I have sold less than $40.00 worth of books. Yes, forty dollars. So I just wonder if it’s worth it. It’s always worth it to write – I love to write, it’s who I am. But is it worth it to try so hard to get it all out there? Maybe some day it will be. But not yet.

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month. So I made this pink button for Facebook, since they did not. Be aware, all you women, and all you men with moms, partners, friends, sisters and daughters out there. Be nice to breasts and breast owners, and contribute to the fight against breast cancer.

For those of you who are in Tallahassee ~ a fun way to help:   http://www.tmh.org/lucaevents