Florida State Jazz: Paul McKee combo

Florida State Jazz: Paul McKee combo



If I had to perform in front of a live audience I would fail. Last night, I saw a 45 minute performance by a group of young men, and was delighted and awed. These kids are not yet twenty, and their passion is undeniable, and, unsurprising. What amazes me is how, at this young age, they sound experienced. How will they sound when they really are experienced? I always said to my son, the saxophone player in this combo, that he will never sound experienced because I hoped he would never be – and by experience I meant only adversity. But I may have been wrong – and Sheila Curran may have been right, when she said, “don’t buy into that myth that you can only be a good artist if you are in pain. If you are good unhappy, you will be good happy.”